Year Founded 2013  
Country United Kingdom  
Users 800,000  
No. of Courses 101  
Subject Categories 13  
Support Italian Language No
Responsive Interface Yes
Features 1)      Video

2)      Audio

3)      Text page

4)      Progress

5)      Quiz

6)      Peer assessment

7)      Discussion

8)      Follow other users

Cost Free for some partner universities; require payment from some partner universities.  
Study Mode Scheduled  
Learning Analytics Supported  
Recommendation Star  5  


FutureLearn is branded by Open University in the UK. Partnership with it will definitely help brand our university and benefit our MOOCs in general. However, it doesn’t support self-paced study for learners. It means learners have to strictly follow the scheduled date to start learning the courses.



FutureLearn (https://www.futurelearn.com) was founded by UK’s Open University in 2013. With fast speed of expansion, the platform so far attracted 800,000 users, right behind Coursera and Udemy among the 6 picks. Same to Coursera, FutureLearn doesn’t support social networking site account integration. Users can sign up using their personal email. Under its 13 subject categories, 101 courses are available online to the public. Different from other platforms combining schedule courses and self-paced courses, FutureLearn only have scheduled courses, which means for all of their courses students have to follow the exact scheduled date to participate and get access to the course contents.

FutureLearn also has plans to make all the content of their courses open. As more of the content from these hundreds of professors and thousands of MOOCs and becomes sharable (at an increasing level of production quality), perhaps we will start to see new forms of content aggregation, a la YouTube playlists or curated libraries. Having to take (or at least sign up for and wade through) whole courses is a very large bite of content, and going down to the lecture level allows for much more interesting compilation, sharing, and re-mixing. (Shah, n.d.)



FutureLearn allows the instructors to embed videos, upload audios, build up text pages, construct course sections, track progress of students, and provides quizzes with multiple choice and multiple answer types. Meanwhile, it has peer assessment, discussion board, and users can follow each other on the site. FutureLearn can be accessed both on desktop and mobile app. The interface is responsive when using mobile devices to browse by browser on the smaller screens.

It offers two types of certificates: a. Certificate of participation, b. Certificate of attainment by exam.

For learning analytics, One of the areas of support the FutureLearn offers is:

Packaging of your learning analytics data for your course so you can learn quickly what works and what doesn’t, and so improve course delivery and future design.”

They share all our data, including all raw analytics and a pack to help us conduct more consistent analytics across courses. We have the legal right, subject to them meeting data protection laws, to retain all our course data, including learner contact details, if we leave the platform in the future.



FutureLearn is a non-profit organization. It makes endeavor to support top universities to design and launch MOOCs on its platform. But due to the limit of funding, not all partners can get free services by using the platform. It means some needs to pay a certain amount of money to enjoy the service from FutureLearn, but not too significant amount.

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