MOOC Component Display Framework

Version 2

A conceptual framework was developed based on the literature review and the research interest of this study. It constructs six categories of components to examine a MOOC in depth.

  • Scaffolding includes components related to the overall description, structure, and support of a MOOC.
  • Lectures refer to the major teaching components in a MOOC.
  • Networking activities are designed to enhance the communication within the course and foster an engaging and active learning community.
  • Collaboration is those activities requiring collaborations among involved parties.
  • Assessment represent the assessment activities to test how well the learners have mastered the topics with (a) formative assessment: assessment activities that are conducted along the learning process to reflect on the learner’s development during the course, and (b) summative assessment: assessment activities that are conducted at the end of the course with the focus on evaluating the outcome of the course.
  • Affirmation lists the methods used by a MOOC to encourage or reward the learners’ effort.

Version 1

figure-1MOOC Component Display Framework

This framework was developed when I was writing a journal article to observe a list of tourism and hospitality MOOCs developed between 2008 and 2015. Currently I am working on collecting feedback on such framework to make it more useful and applicable. Your opinions are highly welcome.

The purpose of the framework: it provides a structure of categories for researchers and practitioners to observe, track and evaluate different elements inside a MOOC during pre-MOOC design phase, in-MOOC operation phase, and post-MOOC course evaluation phase.

For such purpose, you can help to modify this framework by answering:

  • Do you think there are more elements to be considered and added?
  • What do you think of the existing elements in the framework?
  • If you use this framework to describe or evaluate your own MOOC, what problem did you have?
  • What suggestions will you give to modify this framework?

You can directly drop your opinions by posting below, or you can send me email:


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