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MOOC News and Reviews is an online publication devoted to thoughtful critique of individual MOOC courses and to discussion of the evolving MOOC landscape. We are independent and user-centric, and our goal in every review is to answer for readers, “What will I experience in this course and how will it impact my life?”

We are a multi-author blog striving to provide:

  1. A comprehensive and authoritative resource for insight about individual courses and for commentary on developments in the MOOC world.
  2. Essays that are in-depth.
  3. Inclusion of voices and perspectives reflecting the global diversity of the MOOC student body.
  4. Attention to lesser-known MOOC platforms.
  5. A consistent focus on the interests of our audience – students, teachers and the institutional partners of MOOC providers. We want to address the questions students are asking – if and how a given course or platform will help them achieve their goals.
  6. Transparency. Our authors use their real names, are open about their biases and limitations, credit their sources and then make their case.

MOOC News and Reviews is published and edited by Robert McGuire. You can learn about his biases and limitations here.
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