[MOOC Course Review] How to Build a Startup? {on Udacity}

How to Build a Startup?   Lesson 1: Logistics about this MOOC Best selling book: Business Model Generation, find it here: https://strategyzer.com/ The Startup Owner’s Manual: https://books.google.ch/books/about/The_Startup_Owner_s_Manual.html?id=MT-TtgAACAAJ&redir_esc=y Powerful tools: A powerful tool to think of your business: download Business Model Canvas the-business-model-canvas Launchpad Central: https://launchpadcentral.com/  (share work+ experience, get feedback from experts and peers)   Lesson 2: What […]

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[MOOC Course Review] Introduction to Virtual Reality {on Udacity}

Introduction to Virtual Reality   Lesson 1-3: Introduction VR device deploys IMU (inertial measurement unit), to track its rotation. To track its location, it sometimes uses a camera, lasers, precise clocks, magnetic fields. Challenges in creating high quality VR – simulator sickness 3D display technology, started from the stereoscope in 1838, then Sword of Damocles (first […]

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